Adobe’s $20 Mil. Account in Play

Graphics software maker Adobe Systems is reviewing its $20 million ad account and looking primarily at West Coast shops, according to company executives and agency sources.

The account is currently handled by Young & Rubicam’s San Fran cisco office, which will defend it.

Peter Isaacson, Adobe’s director of worldwide brand marketing, said an RFP has been issued and the response has been “very positive.” The company is looking to evaluate between six and nine agencies in the first round. It plans to narrow the list to three finalists by the second or third week of September. A selection is due in October.

“We’re poised to go to the next level, and we want to make sure we have the best creative resources to get there,” Isaacson said.

The change comes as Adobe prepares to introduce a “network publishing” component to complement its desktop and Web publishing software. “We essentially want to give people the power to make visual material available anywhere and at any time on any device,” Isaacson said. “We’re entering a new phase of growth because of network publishing. This presents us with an opportunity to benefit from new and creative strategic thinking.”

Y&R’s most recent work for Adobe was a national print campaign that launched about three months ago and is still running, said Austin McGhie, agency president and CEO.

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve created together and of the results in the marketplace,” McGhie said. “Adobe always reserves the right to shop around. We’ll defend [the account] to the end.”

Select Resources International in West Hollywood, Calif., is conducting the review. Adobe’s roster of agencies handling work outside the U.S., including Y&R’s Geneva office, will not change.

Adobe, based in San Jose, Calif., was founded in 1982. The company builds software solutions for publishing, including Web, video, wireless and broadband applications.