Adding a 3rd Dimension to Print

Keiler & Co. has added another dimension to its latest print work for Lockheed Martin.

The Farmington, Conn., agency produced a pair of three-dimensional projects that promote Lockheed’s relationship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

One effort, tied to a 3-D reprint of an Aviation Week & Space Technology article, was used as a handout at the debut of the Imax movie Space. The premiere was held last month at the Smithsonian’s Mu-seum of Air and Space. A pair of 3-D glasses accompanied the handout.

A two-page spread, created specifically for the insert, features the launching of the space shuttle. Copy written by Steve Culton describes the history of the shuttle, highlights other space missions and serves as a tribute to the client’s largest customer. When viewed through the 3-D glasses, the photographs, culled from Lockheed and NASA archives, pop off the page.

“The process is interesting,” said Keiler executive creative director Gini Kramer. “Not every image is going to work. You need things with hard edges to pop out.”

Keiler, which won Lockheed’s $15 million account last summer, has been developing a branding campaign for the Bethesda, Md.-based defense contractor. That advertising is expected to break later this year.

Previous campaigns, created in response to Sept. 11, included ads that appeared in newspapers and Defense News, Aviation Week and other trade publications.