Acai Warriors Gird for Brand Battle

Sambazon, a San Clemente, Calif., firm that makes products based on acai berries, is beckoning consumers to “warrior up” in a new ad campaign.

The campaign, from Mutt Industries, features Sambazon Warriors — spokespeople for the brand — who have fought for one cause or another. Such warriors include Bethany Hamilton (pictured), a surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack; and Hans Rey, who founded a charity that gives bicycles to kids in Third World countries. Hamilton, Rey and others are featured in a video on Sambazon’s site.

The idea is to create a brand positioning based on “everyday warriors” in which consumers can join and feel they are part of a movement. A Facebook app that lets consumers add a headdress to their photo is also part of the outreach, as is a print and outdoor campaign in San Diego.

Acai, which is grown in Brazil, is said to contain polyphenol and antioxidants, both of which are believed to help reduce heart disease and cancer.