1800 Tequila Inks Deal With L.A. Lakers

1800 Silver Tequila has teamed up with the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers in a multi-million dollar deal that includes ad placement at the Staples Center in L.A. and various promotions.

The tequila brand, which is owned by Proximo Spirits, approached the Lakers after the team announced that it was accepting spirits sponsorships, said Elwyn Gladstone, vp of marketing at Proximo Spirits.

According to research conducted by 1800 Tequila, Lakers basketball fans drink tequila more than other liquors. Therefore, Gladstone said, the company forged a partnership with the basketball team to better reach that demographic.

As part of the sponsorship, which is the first exclusive tequila deal for the Lakers, 1800 Tequila will advertise via banners in the team’s home at the Staples Center. The brand will have space on the arena’s LED display, which wraps around the stadium and is visible in video and photos of games. The ad is expected to garner more than eight million impressions, Gladstone said.

Additionally, 1800 Tequila will place online banners on the Lakers’ Web site. On-court promotions and POP also support.