15 Minutes And Counting

After getting canned on The Apprentice, Danny Kastner wrote a song called “15 Minutes of Fame.” “Who is that knockin’ at your door?/Oh my lord, it must be them, the paparazzi/Who else could it possibly be?” he sings. It’s pure Kastner: a clueless yet charming mix of self-love and self-promotion, tempered by hippyish earnestness. It’s almost worth visiting Kastner.com just to hear it.

It’s clear that the CEO of POPstick, an Internet marketing firm, doesn’t hold a grudge. “I’ll never make an excuse for the way they edited me,” he told us last week. “I think people saw that I’m a genuine and caring and personable individual, and that’s the real me—no matter how quirky they made me look. Besides, anyone who watches The Apprentice and draws conclusions about a person’s overall business savvy is in a bit of a dreamland.”

Of course, he wishes he could have lasted longer—”If we had won that last task, my equity with the Donald would have risen,” he says. But he takes solace in the kindness of strangers: “People on street come up to me and say, ‘Oh man, you were so fun to watch! I can’t believe you’re gone—I’m not gonna watch anymore!’ ” Kastner himself is still a big fan of the show (“They don’t go overboard with the product placement. They tell a story. They make it good TV”) and of the Donald (“He’s pretty intense. But he’s a good guy with a big heart. And you can’t knock the fact that he’s a master promoter of himself”). We couldn’t resist asking if Kastner has plans for an album or a line of leisure clothing. Naturally, both are in the works. “I make a lot of my clothes,” he says. “So I think I’m gonna do a deal and license that. And I’ve always been on the fringes of music success. The stuff on the show, that’s just the corny stuff—I do serious stuff as well.”