The 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in March

Four celebs made a strong showing in Google and Adweek's YouTube Ads Leaderboard this month—rapper (and sudden brand-advertising star) Lil Wayne; revered athletes Michael Phelps and Cristiano Ronaldo; and expert cookie eater Cookie Monster. 

But in the end, none of those gents could perform "Like a Girl." 

P&G's Always brand topped the March list of most-watched ads on YouTube, clocking an impressive 18.1 million views with its video about gender problems in the standard set of emojis. Wayne, Cookie, Phelps and Ronaldo, meanwhile, placed third, fourth, sixth and seventh—in ads for Samsung, Apple, Under Armour and ROC Live Life Loud, respectively.

Android app developer DU Group was a surprise at the No. 2 spot with a popular (though creatively average) spot about Earth Hour. Also making the list: Walt Disney World, Barbie, McDonald's China and a political spot from an anti-Trump PAC.

See all 10 spots below.

Note: To be eligible for Adweek and Google's YouTube Ads Leaderboard, videos must be marked as ads on YouTube (i.e., they get some paid views) but must also earn significant organic views. The algorithm factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).