What Really Works to Build a Successful Influencer Campaign

Proven by machine learning and graph theory

When done right, influencer marketing works. That’s a given. But what does “done right” really mean? And how can you prove that an influencer is actually right for your brand? You can’t make those choices based on common sense. You need the data to prove the point.

So that’s what we did. Our new study, The Value of Community for Influencer Campaigns, is based on StyleHaul social data and insights from StyleHaul’s Digital Influencer Advisory Council of leading academics studying the intersection of influencer marketing, graph theory and machine learning. The findings should help any brand or agency looking to maximize the value of their influencer campaigns.


The data analysis proves scientifically that it really does pay to work with influencers who are already immersed in your brand’s social community, regardless of whether that creator has posted about your brand in the past. This type of credibility can double the performance of a creator-branded post. Also, as you’re looking to broaden your network, choose influencers who are already part of the same communities as your current network to further boost performance. Other variables examined include things like captions (important!), the age of the creator and even face shape.

To find out more about what machine learning and graph theory have to say about influencer marketing success, download the study.