What Customer Experience Means for B-to-B Marketers

Insights from the 2020 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook

Business-to-business marketers, like their B2C counterparts, have embraced customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves in today’s data-driven market. But they face a range of challenges in mastering CX, from mapping more complicated B2B buyer journey to activating the data and analytics that personalized experiences demand.

A new study from Adweek and Dun & Bradstreet—B2B Enters the Experience Era: 2020 Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising Outlook—found that over 80% B2B marketers believe that delivering a consistent customer experience is important to their companies. Still, only 38% feel they outpace their competitors in terms of CX.

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Other key findings from the study include:

  • Data is the biggest obstacle to delivering a superior B2B experience: A third of survey respondents said they’re challenged leveraging the data and tools they already have.
  • Data governance needs to improve: B2B marketers know more about their customers than they ever have before, but they’re stymied by things like data silos and inaccurate customer data.
  • ABM needs to become experience-driven: Account-based marketing is a critical way for B2B marketers to use data as a competitive advantage.

It’s a critical time for B2B organizations. Download the study to learn what 2020 holds for data-driven marketers.