The What, Why and How of Real Sonic Branding

Your 3-minute guide to creating audio identities that perform everywhere your brand is

Audio is being integrated into everything from refrigerators to cars to jewelry. For brands, this means the visual cues you’ve used to connect with consumers aren’t as pervasive as they once were. You need to have a sonic identity.

It’s a scary reality for marketers who have spent their careers working only with visual strategies. That’s why we created, “The 3-Minute Guide to the What, Why and How of Sonic Success.” It acts as your primer on everything you need to know about real sonic branding from the myths to watch out for to defining a strategy.

Download “The 3-Minute Guide to the What, Why and How of Sonic Success.”

There’s a lot of noise in the audio marketplace, but many players purporting to sell sonic identity systems are merely selling sonic logos. The key difference? A sonic identity system appears across all customer touchpoints and uses sound to stimulate a visceral connection with consumers and tell a brand’s story. A sonic logo only works in specific contexts and tells a singular message.

To learn how to tell the real from the fakes and come up with a sonic strategy that resonates, download the guide here.