The CMO’s Guide to Customer Experience

It’s time to understand what’s in consumers’ hearts and minds

Brand value is more about how you make people feel than anything else. And that means creating an emotional bond between your brand and your consumers that can transcend product features and price, and instead focuses on what’s in their hearts and minds. CMOs can make this happen by activating their entire organizations around the one thing that makes a difference: customer experience.

But for all the talk of the importance of customer experience, many organizations lack a united strategy. A new ebook created with Medallia and Deloitte Digital, “The CMO’s Guide to Customer Experience,” breaks down what marketing leaders need to do to ensure their brands can deliver a superior end-to-end experience and make the cut with cautious consumers.

Check out the complete instruction manual, “The CMO’s Guide to Customer Experience”

Key insights from the guide include:

  • The much-vaunted, traditional 360-degree view of the consumer lacks insight into how your brand relates to your customers. That will come from customer experience data.
  • Marketing leaders need to change their approach to messaging, activating experience data to understand each individual’s human needs and deliver personalized communication on each customer’s terms.
  • Customer experience cannot be siloed. Brands need to empower all employees to be more responsive to customers’ needs and infuse human-like qualities at every touchpoint.

CMOs can be the owners of customer experience for their organizations. Learn how to take control and push the limits by downloading the new guide now.