Mobile Gamers Want to Engage With Your Ads, But You’ve Got to Know Their Needs First

Your 3-minute cheat sheet to advertising in mobile games

Mobile gamers aren’t who you think —everyone from your boss to your best friend is playing to relax or kill time. Here’s the kicker: They’re also watching and actually engaging with brand ads.

But success can elude you if you don’t know the space. That’s why we’ve put together a new ebook— “The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to Reaching Modern Mobile Gamers”— to outline what advertisers need to know. From breaking down gamer personas to understanding the unique ad units to measuring your success, it provides actionable insights to build a mobile gaming ad strategy.

Check out “The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to Reaching Modern Mobile Gamers.”

For example, Tapjoy research identifies three major audience segments and provides insights on what games to advertise on to target them. You’ll also find out what kinds of creative actually work best and what methods you want to use to ensure you get the proper return on your ad spend.

Nearly 150 million people in the U.S. are playing mobile games. Download the guide to get started on your strategy to reach them.