Mom Gamers Rising

New research identifies how brands can reach this long-overlooked segment

The numbers in gaming are staggering: a global audience of over two billion and an industry worth more than $160 billion. But contrary to popular opinion, gaming is not purely dominated by young males. A significant portion of the audience is made up of moms.

A new study from Activision Blizzard Media—“Mom’s Got Game: Understanding the Growing Population of Gamer Moms.” —delves into the behaviors, habits and purchasing power of this often overlooked segment. It is based on an exclusive survey of over 7,000 moms in the U.S., U.K., Germany and France. The report challenges the stereotypes of who gamers are while showcasing the opportunity for brands to reach and connect with these economic powerhouses.

Check out the complete research report, “Mom’s Got Game: Understanding the Growing Population of Gamer Moms.”

The key insights include:

  • Most moms are gamers—over two-thirds of those surveyed reported engaging with video games.
  • Mom gamers are influencers primed for brands. Almost half (48%) of gamer moms regularly offer advice to their friends on purchases, compared to just 36% of non-gaming moms.
  • Gamer moms are content consumption machines. Over half (57%) pay for streaming/entertainment subscription services compared to 39% of non-gamer moms.
  • Gaming delivers value and positivity to moms. Gamer moms view entertainment, including gaming, as an important and positive part of their lives, and they use gaming to connect more with their kids and families.

Learn how you can connect with the game mom segment and download the report today.