How YouTube Solutions Can Help You Keep Up With the 4 Holiday Mindsets

The key to multiplying your wins this season

Throughout the holiday season, shoppers move between 4 distinct mindsets, or the 4Ds: deliberate, deal-seeking, determined and devoted.

Starting in July, consumers are deliberate, thoughtfully planning their holiday purchases and wish lists. From October to November, they’re deal-seeking, hunting for deals and prioritizing quality and value. By December, they become determined to complete their shopping ahead of the holidays and are using all days and resources to get it done. And finally, by January they become devoted as they continue to shop past peak season.

So, how can you keep up with these busy buyers? Meet them where they are on YouTube and tap into the platform’s solutions to supercharge your ability to connect with them all season long.

A leading shopping destination

Last year, there were over 150 billion views on YouTube Shorts, videos, and live streams that contained tagged products, according to YouTube internal data. And, per a Google/Ipsos, Holiday Shopping study, engagement is especially strong among Gen Z, with more than half of Gen Zers using the platform for holiday shopping last year.

One of the reasons why shoppers look to YouTube for inspiration is its diverse formats, which make the overwhelming task of researching purchase decisions fun and entertaining. “My longer-form videos really allow people to sink their teeth in,” YouTube creator and sneaker enthusiast Seth Fowler says about his content. “My shop-alongs have this build-up element that a shorter format wouldn’t capture as effectively.”

Shoppers also turn to YouTube to feel more confident about their purchases. According to a study conducted by TalkShoppe, 85% of people who use YouTube in their shopping journey said they have purchased or planned to purchase a brand again. At a time when the average retail return rate is 16.4% for ecommerce and 16.5% for in-store purchases, it’s key to build consumer confidence before they buy. According to a study conducted by TalkShoppe, 93% of respondents who shop on YouTube said they kept their purchases.  

Seamless omnichannel experiences

Last year, according to a Google/Ipsos Holiday Shopping study, more than half of shoppers used five or more channels to shop over a two-day period. These resources are crucial to the two in three U.S. consumers who make decisions about what they’re going to buy before they get to the store, per a Google commissioned Ipsos Consumer Continuous study from August.

Among these channels is YouTube. In fact, YouTube ranked No. 1 among video services and social media platforms for shopping and browsing if respondents could only pick one service, according to a survey conducted by TalkShoppe.

To get in front of shoppers while they’re browsing, consider joining YouTube Shopping’s affiliate program. Creators can tag your brand’s products when they’re featured in videos and Shorts, allowing you to not only reach shoppers before they go in-store but also drive online conversions with viewers able to seamlessly make purchases without even leaving the video.

Always-on shoppers call for an always-on strategy

As shoppers move through the 4 holiday mindsets, they are making purchases earlier in the season and shop well beyond the traditional peak days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (i.e., “Cyber 5”). For example, last year, 70% of shopping-related search volume containing “black friday” happened in October and in the days leading up to the day itself, according to Google data. And, according to a Mastercard analysis conducted by BCG, in 2022, U.S. consumers spent as much in the three days post-Cyber Monday as they spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

To keep up with the always-on shopper, you should have an always-on strategy. AI-powered video action campaigns can help you engage shoppers while they’re browsing gift ideas across a custom mix of YouTube formats and screens. These campaigns, per internal Google data, are proven to boost conversions up to 20%, helping you turn interest into purchase and multiply your peak days this holiday season.

As director of video and sales development managers, Emily Hotz leads teams focused on industry marketing and video advertising solutions for top retailers in the U.S. She partners with clients to use creative, data and technology to make meaningful consumer connections and drive business results.