How to Stop Data Crunching and Start Storytelling

Your 3-minute guide to telling your data’s story

Marketing always has and always will be about storytelling. But in a world where marketers have an average of 52 data sources and are under constant pressure to measure the impact of every dollar spent, this mission can get lost.

So how can you get away from number crunching and back to storytelling? You have three core challenges to overcome. First, you need a single source of data truth. Second, you need to be able to clearly visualize what your data is telling you. And third, you need to learn how to stay proactive and ahead of trends and problems.

In our new guide, “The 3-Minute Guide to Telling Your Data’s Story” these challenges are broken down into three actionable strategies to help you learn or relearn how to spin stories out of your data.

Download the complete guide, “The 3-Minute Guide to Telling Your Data’s Story”

For instance, visualizations are a crucial part of data storytelling. But to choose the right charts and graphs, you first need to define your audience and your learning goal. Once you have your narrative arc set, you can begin to choose the charts that will help you tell it.

Stop letting your data define you. Download the guide today to get back to what you’re good at—telling stories.