How the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed Student Spending

Forge authentic connections with tomorrow’s big buyers

According to a new report from Student Beans , 71% of students have changed their shopping behavior in response to the Black Lives Matter movement with 44% wanting to support more Black-owned businesses and 40% wanting to buy from brands that support the movement.

The challenges of the past year—the pandemic, social justice protests, remote learning and on and on—have had a profound effect on students, a group that values authenticity from the brands they favor and has a spending power of around $143 billion. Student Beans’ “Student Shopping Report U.S.” examines the shifts taking place in student spending based on an exclusive survey of more than 1,500 young people age 16 to 24.

For more about marketing to today’s students, check out the complete “Student Shopping Report U.S.”

Key insights include:

  • 45% of the students surveyed now buy things online that they used to buy in-store because of Covid-19.
  • Gen Z is financially savvy and careful with their spending. They expect student discounts and offering one is a powerful way to show you understand their circumstances.
  • Having been constantly warned by parents and teachers about the perils of online scams, today’s students are anxious about being taken advantage of online. To circumvent this anxiety, make sure your website is well-designed and your customer review section is robust.

It’s simple: Student spending patterns have changed. Download the report for an inside look at what that means.