How 4 Top Brands Use Communities as Creative Inspiration

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People-first ideas have always been a constant in the most creative and impactful work that we see here at The Creative Shop. But as the concept of community evolves, community-inspired creative is becoming an increasingly common thread.

Insights from Facebook IQ illustrate this phenomenon and show how people are becoming more digitally empowered to build communities around the things that matter most to them.

Through partnerships with forward-thinking brands around the world, we’ve seen firsthand how community-inspired ideas can unlock new relevance and business growth. To learn from the power that unity can have, we gathered insights from four campaigns that have inspired, entertained and celebrated communities.

Subaru Australia, “OneLittleMoment”

To stand out in a saturated auto market, Subaru realized they would need to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. Instead of thinking advertising-first, they looked to their most passionate community, their employees. Subaru created an internal Facebook Group and challenged employees to capture and share a moment of magic each day, for 30 days.

This was a call to recognize and celebrate the little moments in daily life that may pass you by. What started as a small, internal community initiative became the beating heart of a national campaign, and an invitation for Australians to share their own #OneLittleMoment. Watch how an idea that mattered to a few became magnetic for many Australians here.

James Patterson, “The Chef”

How did one of the world’s bestselling authors get a new generation of readers to connect with his latest book? He brought the story to them. Readers were invited into an immersive Messenger experience, where they could review evidence from detective case files, ask questions and use an emoji to turn the page.

But the plot really thickened when Patterson used a Facebook Group to launch a virtual book club.  Exclusive content, polls and live Q&As fueled the growth of the now impassioned community. Check out this fresh launch strategy here.

Pantene Thailand, “See Beauty, Not Gender”

Pantene wanted to ensure that one of its biggest launches in Thailand resonated with millennials. So it put purpose first and decided to champion a community that uniquely embodied their values: transgender women. For these women hair is much more than just hair—it’s the most visible expression of their femininity.

Rather than risk appropriating the trans experience, Pantene gave the trans community a powerful platform to express themselves, delivering a campaign directed by and featuring transgender influencers, activists and actors. It encouraged people to look beyond gender and appreciate what makes us beautiful human beings—in Thailand and beyond. Watch the story behind the work here.

Ad Council & American Lung Association, “Saved by the Scan”

Detecting lung cancer early—when the disease is more treatable—can save lives. Yet many former smokers are unaware of their risk of developing the disease and never get scanned. To empower people to get tested with a new, low-dose CT scan, the American Lung Association created The Scan, a friendly, part-human superhero who bursts into everyday situations and encourages people to seek early detection.

Once word got out about The Scan, people started to form an impromptu support group. Through comments on Facebook, strangers exchanged stories of being saved by the scan, encouraged others to get scanned, shared messages of support with those going through treatment and asked and answered questions about the procedure. Check out some of the ads that launched this community here.

If you’re feeling inspired, visit Facebook IQ for more insights and a three-step framework.

As the global head of The Creative Shop at Facebook, Rapha Vasconcellos leads a team of creatives and strategists across 38 offices around the world, with a mission to collaborate with agencies, partners and businesses of any size to explore how creativity can drive impact for brands on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.