Effective Marketing Intelligence in 3 Simple Steps

Why it’s important and how to get there

What is marketing intelligence and how can it help solve the most critical data challenges that you are facing?

To provide best practices your marketing team can put into action, Salesforce Datorama created the Marketing Intelligence Playbook. Breaking down the process into three steps, the playbook takes you through the key pillars of what marketers gain with an effective marketing intelligence strategy and the essential actions you need to follow to unlock your marketing data and analytics.

Check out the complete guide, “Marketing Intelligence Playbook: Effective Data Measurement in 3 Steps.”

Key insights include:

  • The average marketing team uses 13 different marketing platforms with a multitude of data stemming from each. That creates disconnects. To fix this, you need to harmonize your data structure and taxonomy into a single system of record.
  • Real-time reporting is critical to success but hard to achieve. With all information in one place and AI-powered insights into important KPIs, you’ll be able to optimize campaigns in flight.
  • Data visualization can be incredibly powerful when used correctly and by deploying it across interdepartmental teams, you can help up-level the way the entire organization interacts with data.

Dig more deeply into these critical concepts. Download the exclusive playbook today.