Consumers Are Ready to Shop In-Person Again—Make Sure It’s With You

Campaigns that get customers out of the house, into the car and into your store

After seven months at home, it is clear that people are eager to get back out to stores, restaurants and auto dealerships. The challenge then becomes, how can you make sure they choose your business and that they feel safe and happy to have made the trip when they get there?

As S4M describes in its latest report on the topic, “The Drive-to-Store Handbook,” the trick is activating, optimizing and learning from campaigns created specifically to motivate people to get out of their house and driving, or walking, to your business.

Check out the complete “Drive-to-Store Handbook” and learn how to run campaigns that bring people back into your store.

Broken down into the three critical elements of creating and managing drive-to-store campaigns, the insights in the report include:

  • The goal of a drive-to-store campaign is different from a standard ad campaign, so getting the set-up right is crucial. That means considering things like travel time, dynamic radius targeting and precise competitor targeting.
  • The biggest mistake people make when running a drive-to-store advertising campaign is only measuring performance at the end. But by that point, if people aren’t flocking to your store, it’s too late. That’s why foot traffic and optimizing the campaign mid-flight is critical to its overall success.
  • Success stories from major brands like Palmer’s, L’Occitane, St Hubert and Volkswagen demonstrate the real impact of a well-executed drive-to-store campaign.

Consumers are ready to shop in person—make sure it’s with you. Download the new report here.