Steve Delahoyde

Art Newspaper Releases Annual Museum Rankings, Louvre Stays on Top, Met Rises to No. 2

It’s that time of year again, when the Art Newspaper looks back at the year that was to provide their annual rankings of most popular, and therefore visited, museums and […]

AIA’s Architecture Billings Index Stays Positive for Fourth Straight Month

By our count, we’re now in our fourth straight month of being in the black when it comes to the American Institute of Architects‘ monthly Architecture Billings Index. Our minds […]

BMW Guggenheim Lab’s Opening in Berlin Cancelled Due to Threats and ‘Elevated Risk’

Apparently the city of Berlin isn’t as welcoming of branded art projects as New York is. The BMW Guggenheim Lab, which was met with relatively positive marks when it premiered […]

James Corner Field Operations’ Team Wins Chicago’s Navy Pier Redesign Competition

Anymore when a large urban landscape project is in the works, you could fairly safely guess that New York’s High Line co-designers, James Corner Field Operations, would either be on […]

Revisiting Art in the Streets

A year after leaving the world-was-his-oyster east coast for the harsh-light-of-constant-sunshine that is Los Angeles, LA MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch finally had a hit on his hands last year with […]

Vocally Critiquing the Typography in Everyone’s Favorite Silent Film, The Artist

Years ago, in those golden days of our youth, our favorite section of the now five-year defunct magazine Premiere was called “The Gaffe Squad.” A small box tucked away on […]

Philippe Starck Designs an Electric Vehicle

Let’s face it. Not all of our mansions are conveniently located right next to our docks. Some are even so far away that we might even have to drive to […]

AIA’s Architecture Billings Index Stays in the Postive for Third Straight Month

We, and everyone else in the country, has certainly jinxed it before, but maybe, just maybe, things really are turning around. The American Institute of Architects have released what’s become […]

Smithsonian’s American Art Museum Prepares to Launch ‘The Art of Video Games’

Last spring, when the Smithsonian‘s American Art Museum both announced their The Art of Video Games exhibition and asked for crowd sourced submissions for what to include, it brought down […]

Greg Crewdson Documentary to Premiere at SXSW

This writer is suffering a bit today from having endured three hours in a dentist’s chair to get some crowns put in, so instead of a heady and/or lengthy write-up, […]