Kari Lipschutz

LinkedIn’s New Rival: Facebook

Could Facebook soon rival LinkedIn as a job-recruitment tool? A Wall Street Journal article says it could be possible sooner rather than later.

Discounted Internet for Low Income Households

Getting online will now be more affordable for some in 39 states. Comcast is rolling out a new initiative to help low income households connect to the Internet at discounted rates.

Sex, Love, and Smartphones

Would you rather give up your smartphone for a week or sex?

The North-South Technology Divide

The north and south of the United States have always had opposing personalities. A recent study shows that technology might be the most recent indicator of the divide.

Apple’s Controversial Success in China

Apple products are becoming coffeehouse fixtures in China more than three years after the company opened the doors of its first store in Beijing.

White House: Twitter Helped Debt Agreement Along

Late Sunday, congressional leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama announced that an agreement had been reached over the U.S. budget and impending debt crisis.

PBS Plans for Transatlantic Venture

The BBC might soon have a public broadcasting companion in the U.K. PBS has long been the go-to channel for those Americans looking for public television programming and reports suggest the Brits might soon have the option to also tune in.

UBS Ditches WTC Move

The new World Trade Center site is now down one tenant. UBS confirmed that it will not be moving into the new development despite “advanced talks” between the bank and site developers.

Google Acquires IBM Patents

Google made its most recent move in the ongoing great game of acquiring tech patents. The company purchased a bundle of more than 1,000 patents from IBM, according to a report in The New York Times.

Campaign Takes On Barefoot Running Craze

A 2009 best-seller by Christopher McDougall made shoemakers very nervous. The book, Born to Run, told the near-mythical tale of groups around the world that run incomprehensible distances with ease, totally or nearly barefoot. For runners constantly suffering injuries and setbacks, the book and its message (ditch the shoes) was a huge success.