Alissa Walker

Sustainability at Nike, Considered By Jane Savage

Around 2000, Nike was getting targeted as one of the big companies around the world for their manufacturing (do we need to remind you of the sweatshop labor rallies?) Why […]

Dawn Maxey’s Eco-Backlash Poetry Is Totally Refreshing

As a wonderful pre-lunch appetizer, Dawn Maxey, a spoken word artist, gave the crowd at Compostmodern an earful (in a good way). Her poem about the women who pile their […]

VSA’s Jeff Walker Uses His Ecomagination

So all this talk about sustainability here at Compostmodern is great, but what about those evil gigantor corporations that Alex Steffen showed slides of in his presentation? You know, like, […]

Mark Galbraith Says the Smarter Apparel Company Starts Nau

Portland-based Nau is an almost one-year-old outdoor apparel company formed by smart people who came from Marmot, Nike and Patagonia, and VP of product design Mark Galbraith is the super […]

Joel Makower and Alex Steffen: How Good Is Good Enough?

Sustainability is like teenage sex, says Joel Makower, the fantastic Compostmodern moderator (Compostmoderator?). “Everybody says they’re doing it but no one really is. And those who are doing it aren’t […]

Compostmodern Kicks Off

We were told there was no wireless here in Morgan Auditorium at the Academy of Art but it seems the sustainability gods are providing a miraculous mystery connection, at least […]

“Studio 360’s” Design for the Real World Now a Podcast

For years you’ve been hearing people like Michael Bierut and Paola Antonelli and Steven Heller chat about the inane and insane highlights from the design world on PRI show “Studio […]

Tomorrow We’re Live From Compostmodern

There’s no rest for our weary calloused fingertips this weekend, as we’re off to yet another conference where we will once again attempt, in real time, to convey information pertinent […]

Chip Kidd to Rock “Design Matters” Today

Crank up your Harmon Kardon SoundSticks, Debbie Millman tells us that Chip Kidd will be playing some music by his band Artbreak on today’s “Design Matters“! His debut performance back […]

Pentagram Introduces New Intern Toilet

The first of the public toilets have begun to pop up around New York City, and the NY Times christened this particular porcelain throne by cramming a bunch of people […]