Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The Campbell Company of Canada is putting the AI in pAIntings with its latest campaign aimed to modernize its iconic red and white condensed soup can. The soup brand is leveraging generative AI to reimagine artwork of its iconic can through various artistic styles. The brand’s Instagram page @campbellcanada, will be transformed into a virtual gallery featuring over a dozen reimagined artistic AI outputs, to surprise and delight consumers and art lovers alike. The artwork will also pop up on transit shelters. Campbell’s pAIntings was developed in collaboration with creative agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Michael Kassan is out at MediaLink, and he’s accusing owner UTA of fraud and breach of contract.


Steven Moy is leaving his post as Barbarian CEO and taking a smaller remit in his new gig as CEO of L&C.

-Stella Artois has enlisted soccer legend David Beckham as brand ambassador as it seeks growth around the world with a new platform.

-Succession scribe Jesse Armstrong is ADWEEK’s 2024 TV Creator of the Year.

-ADWEEK has designed an infographic about what the agency world looks like in 2024, and it’s younger and whiter than the general public.

-Men’s Wearhouse has launched its first 2024 ads with new agency Party Land, experimenting with over-the-top humor.