Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Nail Communications partnered with The Preservation Society of Newport County in Rhode Island to promote the famed Newport Mansions. The dramatic lives of the wealthy families who resided in them gets a movie trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. Dubbed “Live the Drama, the unconventional marketing approach was proposed by Nail to engage new audiences with the properties. For The Breakers, the grandest of the Newport Mansions, that meant introducing the inimitable Vanderbilts through a trailer, billboards, landing page—all the trappings of movie marketing. Filmed entirely on the grounds of The Breakers, the campaign trailer alludes to several historic storylines that affected the course of the Vanderbilt legacy.

-Breaking Bad fans rejoice! PopCorners imagines what life might have been like for Walt and Jesse if they had taken a snack route.


-WeatherTech is back in the Super Bowl and there are many flags involved.

-How do job candidates stand out in a crowded and muddy marketplace? Jen Kling and Lucy Glaser explore the topic.

-With Anheuser-Busch giving up its alcohol exclusivity in the Super Bowl, will consumers care that more alcohol brands are in the Big Game?

-Brands and agencies are experimenting with ChatGPT, but will it make a difference in the industry?

-Climate advocacy campaign Clean Creatives is pressuring trade group Ad Net Zero to take a stance on fossil fuel companies ahead of the latter’s U.S. launch.

-Former creatives who worked on the M&M’s mascots discuss the role of the spokescandies in cancel culture.