Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Breakfast shouldn’t be just a non-descript protein bar or blah smoothie. It should have ham, sausages, bacon and other morning meats. That’s the concept behind a new campaign for Smithfield from Chicago agency The Escape Pod. In the ad, two teens are eating their on-the-go bars and shakes when they encounter their parents at a breakfast table. The kids are puzzled by the spread of meats, eggs and juice, but their parents convince them that it’s normal to fuel up with the tasty proteins.

-Anytime Fitness has a clever way of being in the Super Bowl without having an ad in the game, and it involves one word from the chain’s name.


-The Super Bowl has plenty of advertisers trying to get near the game without spending the glut of cash to be in the game, and Adweek is rounding up those brands.

-Stellantis brands Jeep and Ram are both headed to the Super Bowl after sitting out last year.

-More brands have launched their Big Game spots, and Adweek is tracking every in-game spot.

-Being in the Super Bowl doesn’t guarantee success. Adweek found some of the folks behind campaigns that shined during the game but their companies faded or went out of business afterwards.

-Kraft Heinz’s in-house marketing agency The Kitchen launched in 2020 and has now expanded beyond North America into eight markets internationally.