Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to their highest level in 15 years, Seattle agency PB& is launching a campaign for Seattle Bank’s newest venture, CD Valet, that provides unbiased certificate of deposit rates. The campaign showcases the “Straight Up Rates” that CD Valet gives access to from banks both large and small across the country. The slogan coined by PB& challenges more traditional marketing for banking products, and the language, including “no BS,” “no gimmicks,” and “more gimmes,” shows that Seattle Bank is on the investor’s side.

-The Pro Bowl was never the best all-star contest, but since it went flag football, it’s having to rely on star power to get people interested. Tapping coaches Eli and Payton Manning the NFL teamed up with 72andSunny for its new campaign.


-The last Blockbuster in central Oregon has created an ad called “Until the Bitter End,” with a debut planned for Super Bowl Sunday.

-Google is in the Super Bowl with an ad promoting the photo editing features of its smartphones featuring Amy Schumer, Doja Cat and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

-Programmatic ad buyers are using AI-based algorithms to get more value from the open marketplace.

-Alcohol brands are competing for superstar Serena Williams for Super Bowl airtime.

-The latest Adnatomy looks into ESPN’s revival of the “This is SportsCenter” campaign.