Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Chef Gordon Ramsay may be known for his raging outbursts, but those who have met and worked with him know he can be sincere and supportive. Triscuit Crackers shows Ramsay as “Unapologetically Wholesome,” in a new campaign from Digitas. The campaign features Ramsay as his authentic and unfiltered self and celebrates the wholesome but crunchy things in life that are full of authentic, unfiltered personality and flavor.

-The NWSL’s Chicago Red Stars made a viral video featuring club players recreating Jenna Ortega’s iconic dance from Netflix’s Wednesday, with a soccer twist.


-Indie agency RPA, which has been based in Santa Monica for more than 30 years, is marking Black History Month by creating a walking tour of the city called “Black. Not Sorry.”

-130 underrepresented members of the global creative community and emerging talent will be given access to Cannes Lions through its new scholarship.

-Diageo connected with three creatives whose work extends far beyond the typical fashion life cycle for a sustainability push at New York Fashion Week.

-If this ad for Go RVing Canada is any indication of what to expect when driving an RV through the Great White North, you’re in for an intense metaphysical awakening.

-Section 230, the provision in 1996’s Communications Decency Act that offers immunity to tech platforms for the third-party content they host, has dominated arguments at the Supreme Court recently.

-Welsh band The Trials of Cato chose 10 great album covers for Muse by Clio, and they include artistic expressions by Muse, Crosby Stills & Nash, Gorillaz and Ibrahim Maalouf.