Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-To celebrate National Ocean’s Month, sustainable New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine brand Starborough partnered with the largest reef builder in the U.S., Reefmaker, to deploy artificial reefs off the coast of Florida—to increase biodiversity and promote ocean health in the Gulf of Mexico.

-Missed out on Cannes? Adweek has you covered with all the news.

-Cannes Lions Titanium Grand Prix has been awarded to a powerful and innovative U.K. campaign against knife violence.


-Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on abortion rights, how companies act will define their relationship with consumers.

-For the latest Adweek podcast, a group of marketers talked about what it takes to develop a campaign idea for Burger King.

-Members of the advertising industry often use alcohol to rejoice, but curating both a social and professional culture that revolves around drinking often leaves those who abstain in the dark.

-At Cannes, Mastercard unveiled an album of 10 songs by 10 artists from around the globe. The title carries Mastercard’s corporate motto, “Priceless.”