Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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NYC Soda Ban Goes Down the Drain (Again)

Drink up, New Yorkers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on sugary drinks of 16 ounces and up is still dead. The New York State Supreme Court's Appellate division Monday upheld a lower court's ban on the law, which was originally slated to take effect in March.The decision by a four-judge panel found that the New York City Board of Health overstepped its authority.

Coca-Cola Makes Global Pledge to Not Target Kids Under 12

It hasn't been a great year for soda makers. Accused of being one of the major causes of obesity, food nutritionists have all but declared war via campaigns that mocked the Coca-Cola bears and pleas to Beyonce to turn down a lucrative marketing deal with Pepsi.

Bloomberg’s Supersized Soda Ban Fizzles

In a huge victory for big soda and a blow to nutritionists, a New York Supreme Court judge Monday shot down New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on soda servings more than 16 ounces.