Labatt Creative Account Heads to Ammirati

North American Breweries has shifted creative responsibilities for two brands to Ammirati after a review. The New York shop will take on Labatt beer and Seagram’s Escapes, a line of fruit-flavored malt beverages that launched in 1985. Ammirati succeeds the Toronto office of Publicis on the assignments.

Ad Agency That Put 10-Year-Olds in Charge Has Now Made a Movie

Not content with the traditional advertising methods of TV spots and simple product placement in movies, Canada's Labatt Brewing is financing a feature-length film through its Kokanee brand. The film is called The Movie Out Here, and it's a buddy comedy written by Kokanee's ad agency, Grip Limited.

Labatt ad does not condone drunken Santa

A holiday-themed ad for Labatt Blue which says, "Leave one out for Santa. He's driving," has stirred up residents in Ontario who didn't realize it's an ad for the non-alcoholic […]