Lynette Romero and Mark Mester Leaving KTLA Lead Our 10 Most Read Stories for 2022

By Kevin Eck 

It’s been a year of retirements, layoffs and exits from local TV by journalists who have found something that either pays better or gives them more time to spend away from work.

We’ve also seen crimes and bad behavior committed by and against local journalists in 2022, but nothing seemed to catch your attention more than Los Angeles station KTLA and how it handled the leaving part.

Here are our top ten most read stories of 2022 in reverse order:


10. Lynette Romero Gives Update on Former KTLA Anchor Mark Mester

9. Memphis News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint

8. Kris Gutierrez Leaves KPRC After Two Years

7. KOMO 4 Reporter Jonathan Choe Fired After Tweeting About Proud Boys Rally

6. Cedar Rapids Anchor Abruptly Fired

5. St. Louis Anchor Caught in Expletive Filled Off-Air Rant Calling Co-Host ‘Stupid’ and a ‘Bad Mom’

4. Lynette Romero Leaves KTLA After Nearly 24 Years

3.  Jason Carr Fired from WDIV After Complaining About Station On-Air

2. KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired After On-Air Goodbye to Co-Anchor Lynette Romero

1. KTLA Weekend Anchor Mark Mester Reportedly Suspended After Tribute to Former Anchor Lynette Romero

We’ll be spending time away from the business of TVSpying next week. So if we don’t see you again until after the New Year, have a relaxing end of 2022 and let us be one of the first to say, Happy New Year!