How Authenticity Can Help Brands Connect With Consumers This Holiday Season

It’s been said, “If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.” It’s evident that sentiment rings true. According to a study by YouGov, authentic content during the holidays that shares your brand’s values in its unique voice is almost 20% more important to people than hearing about the latest deals. Authenticity can influence what consumers see, like and even buy.

The reality, however, is that even with an authentic message, competition for attention makes it harder to meaningfully connect with consumers—especially during the holidays. This year, amid a U.S. election and global pandemic, advertisers of all shapes and sizes will be doubling down on feel-good campaigns and end-of-year sales.

Should you outshout your competition by reaching more people, or try to outsmart your competition by forming stronger, more relevant connections with your audience? By building incremental reach in an authentic environment, you could achieve both.

Creator and publisher videos foster authentic connections

People have always been inspired by moments that define culture, but the way people experience and interact with these moments has changed with curated, on-demand access to video content from creators, publishers, artists and brands across the world.

Today, over 1.25 billion people visit Facebook Watch every month to discover and share videos from millions of creators and publishers about whatever they’re into—from live events to original and licensed shows to food, culture, entertainment, sports, news or music videos.

It’s clear that publisher video viewing on Facebook is fueled by a desire for connection. In a survey conducted recently in partnership with Crowd DNA, eight in 10 people reported watching publisher video content on Facebook to connect over common interests. Through a diverse set of content, publishers and creators help viewers discover the latest things that align with their personal passions, interests and needs.

And brand actions don’t appear to change based on familiarity with the creator. In fact, according to a study by Kantar, 91% of those unfamiliar with the creator reported taking positive brand action, as long as the creator was relatable. When looking at Q2 2020, data from Shareablee Social Analytics showed that in-stream videos on Facebook from influencers resonated even more than digital publishers. Both were top categories, though, garnering strong views and engagements per video.

Break through this holiday season with Facebook Watch

To date, brands across industries ranging from CPG (e.g., Purina Fancy Feast) to entertainment (e.g., Quibi) have used In-Stream Reserve to launch and sustain campaigns. They’ve realized double-digit lift in ad recall and incremental reach, as well as increased brand awareness.

The availability and performance of standard-length TV units—including 15 seconds and longer, according to MetrixLab—have made it easy for brands to extend their campaigns and reach a captive audience.

As brands prepare to show their authentic selves in the months ahead, considerable time will be spent on messaging and creative. But winning hearts during the holidays will require reaching them in the first place and holding their attention long enough to make a connection. How and where that happens continues to change, but the demand for authenticity in that moment remains.

Tap into the power of creator videos to build incremental reach in an authentic environment with Facebook Watch by

  • In-Stream Reserve is a managed solution available with flexible deal terms, fixed pricing, and guaranteed delivery across a curated list of top creators and publishers.
  • In-Stream Auction is a self-service solution that makes a scaled catalog of creators and publishers available to tailor to your brand suitability and audience targeting needs.

For more information on how to prepare your marketing campaigns for success, as well as other consumer trend insights, visit Facebook’s “Holiday, Unwrapped” resource hub.