Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-When it comes to making healthy life changes, the new campaign for LA Fitness and City Sports Club counts down to success for gym-goers. The spot encourages people not to make a New Year’s Resolution, but rather to make a new day resolution, and every day is a chance to hit the reset button. The campaign from The Woo, London Alley and director Christian Breslauer celebrates the everyday small wins from workouts.

-Wiedein+Kennedy’s Black affinity group, We+Black, has created a film tribute to the anniversary of “Black Lives Matter” titled “We Still Matter.”


-Oscar winner Christoph Waltz makes six silent but salient points as the new spokesman for Allianz.

-Despite an economic downturn, luxury brands aren’t suffering, which says something about marketing during economic decline.

-In the latest Adweek podcast, the crew discusses the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show and how Rihanna leveraged the biggest stage in the world to promote Fenty Beauty.

-Global Citizen Now, the thought leadership summit, is returning to New York City April 27-28, with big names at this year’s event including Chris Martin and Hugh Jackman, among other entertainers plus political and corporate sector leaders.

-An initiative, “The Undeniable Street View,” produced by United24, Voices of Children, Nova Ukraine and Vostok-SOS, reveals the realities of the war in Ukraine through Google Street View-style images.