Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Toronto’s Jane/Finch Centre (JFC) has taken an innovative approach to fundraising, asking people to donate money to their community center by taking advantage of a loophole in the Jeff Bezos/Amazon-owned Twitch. In the “Bill it to Bezoss” video, a digital likeness of Bezos explains that everyone with a Prime subscription is entitled to $3.50 a month that they can give to their favorite streamer on Twitch, but for the most part, this money gets unused and reverts right back to Amazon and Bezos. By subscribing to the newly created JFC stream on Twitch, JFC will be the first ever to raise money for their community in a way that’s 100% funded by Amazon. The idea came from agency Angry Butterfly and the creepy Bezos avatar is convincing in its explanation.

-Clearwater, Florida agency PostcardMania made the news in the wrong way when its CEO suggested its employees come to work during a hurricane. The company is now looking to do good by distributing supplies to families affected by Hurricane Ian. PostcardMania sent volunteers to Ft. Myers on October 3 to distribute food, water and essential items to those in need. In addition to truckloads of supplies, PostcardMania has also raised over $3,500 in donations from staff for the relief efforts so far, and founder and CEO Joy Gendusa contributed $1,000 for families affected by the hurricane. Additionally, PostcardMania will be donating $50 for every order received this week to purchase additional supplies for distribution.


-In the latest Creative Flavor profile, Founders creative directors Martin Alfred and Felipe Rostagnol say they share a love for the advertising industry that goes back to childhood.

-To encourage people to download its app, Burger King has invested in a significant U.K. campaign by BBH with the tagline: “Smart People Have Our App.”

-ESPN is ready for the NBA season with a new global creative brand identity for all on-air NBA coverage and it includes the WNBA and G League.

Mita Mallick, head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta, writes about what marketers can learn on how to build a meaningful collaboration from the Adidas and Soul Cap partnership.

-Check out the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast with Jim VandeHei, co-founder and CEO of Axios.