Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

Tiger Woods is back for Bridgestone Golf in an ad from ASO Advertising. The new ad highlights Bridgestone’s commitment to engineering golf balls that cater to different golfer abilities. The inspiration for the commercial stems from Bridgestone Golf’s longstanding partnership with Woods, dating back to 2007. He has collaborated closely with Bridgestone to tailor his golf ball to his unique swing, resulting in unparalleled success on the course. The TV spot delves into Tiger’s fitting journey and career victories, shedding light on the synergy between his game and Bridgestone’s cutting-edge golf ball technology.

-Red Antler has hired a partner and chief creative officer, with Kiser Barnes coming over from Digitas.


-It used to take days to craft the perfect RFI response, but planners at Gale can do it in 90 minutes, with help from an AI bot that thinks like Brad Simms, the agency’s chief executive.

-Continuing the recent partnership between  Oatly and MiLB, the Malmö Oat Milkers will make their debut in the 2024 season.

-The secondhand clothing market is growing 15 times faster than traditional apparel, and people are increasingly thrifting online, a new report shows.

Megan Thee Stallion is set to discuss her authenticity when it comes to fan engagement as the “Hot Girl Coach” comes to Social Media Week.

-After the launch of the spot “GE’s Opening Day,” the day of baseball’s official season opener, the company celebrates its future as three entities with experiential activities today and tomorrow. On April 1, The New York City skyline will be illuminated with a 1,000-drone show that illustrates a future shaped by GE HealthCare, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace. On April 2, GE will have a dual presence in Bangalore, India and on Wall Street outside the New York Stock Exchange. At the NYSE, a split banner will be featured on the facade. At the same time, a co-branded coffee cart will offer the public and passersby free cups of GE Aerospace “Jet Fuel” coffee and GE Vernova “Electric Green” tea to enjoy while they take in the spectacle of Listing Day. GE Aerospace will continue under the GE ticker (GE), while GE Vernova will trade under the ticker symbol GEV.