Stunts, Pranks and Fools for April Fools’ Day

By Kyle O'Brien 

Brands are out to prank people again for April Fools’ Day. From dog yoga to spicy mints, cheesy slushies and inflatable bikinis, here is a sampling of what some brands are doing to fool folks on this jokey day.

Califia Farms and Grillo’s Pickles


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The pairing nobody asked for comes in this creamer, which gives a pickle flavor to your coffee.

Del Taco

Del Taco flavored Tic Tacs.

Want to refresh your breath with a hint of something spicy? Tic Tac and Del Taco have introduced Del Tic Tac-o Packs, Del Taco flavored new Tic Tac mints inspired by the iconic flavors of Del Taco Hot Sauce.



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Hitting shelves this spring, global berry brand Driscoll’s is launching a new flavor innovation born from years of dedicated traditional breeding. Introducing the first of its kind, Blue Bliss Raspberries, combining the sweet and juicy flavor of raspberries with the color of blueberries.


After Dunkin’ Donuts removed the Donuts from its name, it’s taking it the opposite direction, now calling itself just Donuts.


After appearing in his first Super Bowl ad, Duo the Owl is setting his sights for stardom even higher with his own live theatrical show. “Duolingo on Ice” is a four-hour skating spectacle featuring Duo the Owl and his friends singing catchy songs in over 40 languages as they teach a series of language lessons – by any means necessary.



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This April Fools’ Day, FabFitFun, a women’s shopping club, and Funboy, maker of luxury pool floats, partner to pull off a joke it hopes will “blow up” the internet. As a way to entice consumers about FabFitFun’s new Summer Box the company will debut an “inflatable bikini’.”


Rosetta Stoned

Fluent, a medical marijuana company with dispensaries in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas, has launched Rosetta Stoned, a first-of-its-kind mobile application for budding cannabis consumers. Available for iOS and Android beginning April 1, Rosetta Stoned bridges the conversational gap between novice users and seasoned stoners in any social setting.

Fruity Pebbles and Kraft


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Two favorite nostalgic brands, Fruity Pebbles cereal and Kraft Mac & Cheese have dreamed up a savory and sweet match: Fruity Pebbles Kraft Mac & Cheese, inspired by fans’ wacky Fruity Pebbles recipes.



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In a move that redefines the boundaries of aerial transportation, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company launched of an exclusive line of tires designed specifically and only for blimps: the Goodyear SkyGrip. This line of tires includes all-season, winter, all-terrain and high-performance tires, ensuring that every blimp can experience unparalleled performance in the skies.

Go RVing

On April 8, a total solar eclipse will sail across the sky. With millions of people heading to the path of totality, Go RVing introduces their first-ever RV-Clipse Solar Glasses—giant eclipse glasses made to fit your RV, making the cosmic show even more memorable for RVers. While the product might be a fool, Go RVing made human-sized eclipse glasses available for free at selected RV dealerships along the eclipse’s path of totality.

Icelandic Provisions

This April Fools’ Day, Icelandic Provisions is having some fun with a new (fake) flavor inspired by the most anticipated country album of the year. The new Icelandic Provisions Cowboy Skyr will have fans grabbing their horses and strapping on their boots.


It’s not quite a marriage but car owners can get “Jerried.”

Jerry, an app known for reinventing car ownership, has launched a new feature in its AllCar app: “Get Jerried.” The first of its kind service supports Americans’ close connections with their vehicles by allowing them to “Jerry” the love of their life that just happens to live in their driveway.



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JetBlue, New York’s hometown airline, continues to bring the best of the city to the skies in collaboration with another Big Apple icon: Nathan’s Famous. Today across social, the airline will introduce the limited-edition Nathan’s Famous x JetBlue co-branded snack cart, bringing Nathan’s world-famous franks to customers 30,000 feet in the air.



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From PSOne, the bespoke Power of One agency solution for The J.M. Smucker Co. creatively led by BBH USA, comes Jif Peanut Butter Butter.

Lalo and Babbel

Lalo and Babbel team up for a baby translator.

Lalo, the baby and toddler essentials brand, has partnered with top language-learning platform Babbel on a course in Baby (American English). After years of research, the two beloved brands are finally able to give parents & caregivers the tool they need to interpret those sweet babbles with the Lalo x Babbel translator.


On social, the brick maker unveiled a big new toy, which is bigger than Minion sized.

Life is Good


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Life is Good created a fictitious product innovation: The “TEEser” that allows wearers to stay warm while still showing off their graphic tees with a transparent window.

Moe’s Southwest Grill x Sonic

Moe’s Southwest Grill and Sonic teamed up for a cheesy slush.

Introducing the newest Sonic beverage, the Queso Slush: Sip the Dip, featuring the frozen goodness of a Sonic Slush meeting the flavor of Moe’s queso.

Sally Hansen

A social prank between Sally Hansen and Acme Smoked Fish has fans believing fish scented nail polishes were real. The collection consists of three fish and bagel scented Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes and an everything bagel inspired Salon Effects Nail Accents.


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Scotch Brand Scotch


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Tape lovers have made the connection between the classic spirit and Scotch Brand, the tape, for years. Discerning consumers have long understood that all scotch is whisky, but not all whisky is scotch, just as they’ve known all Scotch Brand Tape is tape, but not all tape is Scotch® Brand Tape. Well, now it’s time to toast all scotch and Scotch Brand lovers. The new limited-edition spirit features a nose of cherry wood and a delightfully smooth finish that hits like a well-wrapped gift–it’s a product worthy of our heritage and your tastebuds.



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Movers+Shakers collaborated with Tinder to address the all-too-common dating dilemma of being ghosted by announcing a (fake) job opening for a “VP of Ghost Hunting.” The role aims to track down and resolve cases of ghosting and other elusive dating behaviors. In a video posted to Tinder’s social channels, a Tinder “executive”passionately calls for applicants whose internet sleuthing skills and determination can help Tinder uncover why potential matches suddenly go silent.


Starting today, you can finally bet on B2B marketing. BetOnB2B lets you place bets on everything B2B marketing, from placing a moneyline on the next AI buzzword to betting the over–under on how many squiggly futuristic lines will appear in a social post. This from a B2B video agency.

Urban Outfitters


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Urban Outfitters is launching a global movement to stand in solidarity against band-tee-shaming, launching a bold new collection called, “Name Three Shirts.” This line reimagines iconic band-tee logos, swapping band names for phrases like, “Stole It From My Ex” and “Help, Forgot.” The t-shirt line playfully mocks the gatekeeping attitudes of older generations who insist that band-shirt wearers should be required to name songs by those artists.

Urban Stems

The Dead Inside collection.

Urban Stems, an online floral company, is having a little fun this year with a campaign called The Dead Inside Collection, an assortment of dead flower bouquets, dead plants, half empty vases, and more for the pessimist in your life, with nothing to celebrate and no reason to smile.

Visit California

Giant 30-foot beach balls are popping up all over California today. Or are they? In a stunt alongside The Shipyard’s newly released “Let’s Play” campaign, which features a beach ball as the main protagonist, Visit California deployed some larger-than-life beach balls in destinations across the state – all computer generated.


YogaRenew is giving downward dog a whole new meaning on April 1. A leader in online yoga teacher training, YogaRenew is launching a digital campaign introducing Woof Wellness, an online yoga library within the YogaRenew app designed specifically for your furry friends.


For one day only, Zappos will release just 1,000 candles that are formulated to smell just like your favorite running shoes after logging miles on the road or trail. Each candle is poured using melted rubber harvested from actual retired running shoes from brands like Brooks, Hoka, and Crocs. The proprietary fragrance is infused with notes of sweat, rubber, and that unmistakable odor from shoes that have seen their share of tough workouts.