Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Jack Link’s isn’t a subtle brand, with its use of a forest monster for its mascot, and the latest campaign is no exception. From Fallon comes “Feed Your Wild Side,” with two spots showing that Sasquatch is indeed a wild creature.  The spots aim to show Jack Link’s is more than just an easy snack for on-the-go activities, it’s a protein snack to enjoy whenever, wherever. In “Trim,” a routine haircut turns aggressive as the beast uses a trimmer that isn’t quite right for the job. In “Stream,” a trip to the urinal becomes more like a firehose on full blast.

-Before it launched Chipotle Rewards in 2019, Chipotle didn’t have a sophisticated CRM program, but agency Gale has helped the brand with customer insights.


-Denny’s has also begun to introduce augmented reality to engage young customers who can now see their food before they order.

-A just-launched campaign from plant-based startup WhatIF Foods enlists little green beings from space, dinosaurs, flying cows and zombies to formally introduce itself to the U.S. market.

-Applebee’s is investing in social video stories starring pro athletes like Jaylen Waddle and T.J. Hockenson in spots by Team Whistle.

-In the rapidly growing creator economy space, even the creators themselves struggle to price their wares, with prices all over the place.

-The CEO of Odysseus Arms, Libby Brockhoff, calls on the industry to defend trans people, as anti-transgender legislation is bad for advertising and the U.S.