Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-NewYork-Presbyterian hospital has launced “Stay Brooklyn,” a campaign that targets Brooklynites, reminding them that they can get the best level of care in New York without having to cross the bridge into Manhattan. The spot, by Havas, was directed by the Hudson Dusters from Greenpoint Pictures and features real people from Brooklyn, such as Heather “The Heat” Hardy and her world class trainer Hector Roca.

-This rate of inflation has left some consumers wondering—if companies are raising prices to offset higher costs, why are their profits continuing to grow?


-Watch Adweek Trivia host Al Mannarino quiz folks at the Creator Visionary Trivia.

Michael E. Kassan, founder, chairman and CEO of MediaLink writes about the senseless gun violence in Texas.

-Cannabis brands are increasingly crossing over into mainstream events, popping up in places they would never have been invited even a few years ago.

-BuzzFeed found opportunity and success in the livestream shopping space, streaming more than 60 different live shopping events that attracted more than 4.4 million viewers.

-In an effort to shine a light on the history of LGBTQ+ bars, Miller Lite released “Beers & Queer History,” a guidebook that explores the stories of ten iconic queer bars.