Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-If you have a Roomba, you may not know that it understands more voice commands than any other robot. At least that’s the point of a series of new ads by Erich & Kallman for iRobot. In one spot, a woman tells her Alexa to tell the Roomba to clean under the dining room table. That sparks the “crew” inside the Roomba to get ready and get to work. Command central is returned to during the spots, including another that finds the Roomba having to avoid some dog poop on the carpet.

-As part of Adweek’s Columnist Network, Jesse Kirshbaum and Clayton Durant write about how music will help bind the hyperverse.


-As the NHL wraps its season, Highdive and the NHL have premiered the campaign, “The Handoff,” which highlights prior Stanley Cup winners while promising that the cup will continue to change hands.

LJ Louis has been hired as global chief talent and inclusion officer at WPP, responsible for reassuring staff in the WPP community—specifically diverse talent—that promotions are on the horizon.

Andrew Almendras, the vice president of global creative marketing at IMAX, writes about embracing AAPI culture in the workplace.

-In minor league baseball, the Portland Pickles stand out as masters of unconventional marketing techniques.

-TikTok has unveiled its 2022 TikTok Pride Trailblazers, creators on the platform who influence their community through their content.