Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Cedar Fair, which runs 13 amusement parks across the country, tapped Cramer-Krasselt for some scary Halloween hookups. The parks are using the Tinder app to ask users to “Swipe Right for Fear” and match with monsters from their Halloween haunts’ cast of monsters. Once users swipe and match with the monsters, they’ll receive their own creepy invite to the haunted attractions. A cringey ’80s-style video dating video promotes the app.

-Adweek spoke to four recruiters to get their perspective on the talent market, including their explanations for where agencies have gone wrong and how talent can take advantage.


Grace Jones is the star of British finance company Barclaycard’s latest campaign, created by Droga5 London, which takes aim at trendy payment services.

-In Spain, McDonald’s showcased the natural origin of what goes into its food by planting its famous golden arches in fields where the produce is originally sourced.

-Advertising spend in the U.K. is forecast to reach record levels during the Christmas season, outperforming the rest of Europe at $10.7 billion, a growth of almost a quarter.

-Johnnie Walker has teamed with Netflix with the release of its limited-edition Red Label bottle which ties into the show Money Heist.

-Just in time for Halloween, Oumph!, the Swedish plant-based food brand, has developed a “human meat” burger.

-Muse by Clio spent two minutes with Ian Grody, executive creative director at Giant Spoon, talking about his background and creative inspirations.