Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-College football season is here, and longtime supplemental insurance advertiser Aflac has teamed with Atlanta agency Dagger and a couple of star coaches to show that the provider can cover unexpected medical bills.

Coach Nick Saban wears the “Aflacket,” a blue jacket that coach Deion “Prime” Sanders yearns to wear. In two spots, the pair is joined by a band of musicians and dancers from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU), to help celebrate the role they play for communities of color and call attention to health care issues that need solving. Oh, and the duck does some fancy dancing.


-FCB Health New York and nonprofit group GMHC have partnered with drag queen and influencer Miz Jade to create the “Ms. Information” platform to encourage LGBTQ+ people to get vaccinated.

-Adweek got contrasting opinions on the Tiffany & Co. campaign with Jay-Z and Beyonce from two marketers and longtime Tiffany & Co. consumers.

Lil Nas X had something to say about how race might play into blood marketing stunts.

-Hyundai’s “Question Everything” campaign has grown to include Disney+’s recently launched What If? series, with Loki still in the driver’s seat, but now joined by the show’s animated variants.

-In the latest of Adweek’s Open Plan series on the state of work, Olga Starichenko, CEO of Serviceplan Russia, outlines some of her views and ideas on what has changed and what could be to come for the agency’s employees.

-If you’re currently in the market for a new mattress, direct-to-consumer brand Nectar is asking you not to base your choice on its latest commercial, no matter how catchy it may be.

-Adweek talked with Playboy’s Jamal Dauda, vp of blockchain innovation, on the company’s new NFT project.

-Restaurant chain Applebee’s and its agency Grey took advantage of the chart-topping country hit “Fancy Like” becoming a TikTok trend, especially since the song mentions the chain.