Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Back Market, a global marketplace for refurbished tech, wants people to consider buying refurbished devices, so it decided to test some ex-Apple Geniuses to differentiate between new and used products. In “The Genius Test,” Back Market puts several ex-Geniuses to the test. The catch is that a guy in an apple suit has his hand on a button that will drop a bucket of goo on their heads if they guess wrong. The point of the stunt is that if a “genius” can’t tell the difference between refurbished and new products, the refurbished ones have to be good. Back Market worked with freelance creative directors Conor Hagan & Cori Johnson; freelance executive producer Melanie Baublis; plus production house Unicorns & Unicorns on the campaign.

-L’Oréal and The Mayor of London are among those advocating for bystander intervention when they confront bad behavior, but such campaigns stir debate.


-Apple continues its “Shot on iPhone” campaign with an emotional story about dogs with prosthetics.

-Morgan Stanley’s U.S. Open campaign from The Marketing Arm supports the next generation of tennis players.

-Target-owned Shipt created an ad with four Howard University interns and it was championed by Issa Rae.

-For all X’s (Twitter’s) issues, there are four key attributes that kept it in a class of its own for 10 years: anonymity, messiness, commitment to chronology and cultural currency, writes Dakari Dunning, senior social engagement strategist at 22Squared.

-Quilted Northern has gone to recyclable paper packaging, ditching the usual plastic wrap.

-A new breed of non-alcoholic beer is looking to get into the crowded market. Cold Ones stands out as the first non-alcoholic beer made to be enjoyed irresponsibly. While most non-alcoholic beers promote a responsible lifestyle while embracing a refined aesthetic, Cold Ones was designed to capture the fun-loving spirit associated with alcoholic beverages—embracing all the fun with none of the alcohol. Wunderman Thompson Canada, which created the campaign, wanted to break the rules of non-alcoholic beer marketing.

Cold Ones_Wunderman Thompson from Wunderman Thompson on Vimeo.