Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

Ryan Reynolds loves promoting his brands, and a new spot for agency MNTN, for which he is chief creative officer, finds him pulling triple duty. He not only promotes MNTN and its products, but also manages to get plugs in for Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin while passing himself off as a real business owner, which, of course, he is.

-Disney is laying off 7,000 people due to subscriber and revenue losses.


Missy Elliott, Jack Harlow and Elton John form a multigeneration music triangle for Doritos’ latest Super Bowl spot.

-Topo Chico hard seltzer will be selling real scorpions for $6.99 on the brand’s site to send to your ex on Valentine’s Day.

-In addition to traditional celebs, brands are increasingly turning to creators and influencers to broaden the reach of their Super Bowl campaigns.

-Advertisers need to ditch celebrity cameos for Super Bowl campaigns, writes Amy Williams, founder and CEO of Good-Loop.

-Three brands—M&M’s, Downy and Michelob Ultra—are winning the social and digital content game before the Super Bowl, writes Zach Kitschke, CMO at Canva.

-Burger King revived its old jingle in its recent campaign, and now taking it a step further, the brand has launched “Whopper Whopper” and its brand new follow-up, “Burger Cheese Burger Cheese” on Spotify in a collection of jingles and singles.

Burger King on Spotify.