Mojo Supermarket Brings Back the Money Toilet for Those About to Make Bad Super Bowl Ads

By Kyle O'Brien 

Agency Mojo Supermarket has brought back the Money Toilet for a second time, and now there’s a mini version.

In 2021, Mojo Supermarket invented the Money Toilet, a commode where companies could flush cash that would otherwise be spent on Super Bowl ads that were essentially garbage. Now, the agency has brought back the concept just in time for the Big Game and it has added a mini version of the toilet as well as a new commercial.

A cheesy, 30-second infomercial has a guy hawking the toilet, telling would be advertisers not to work with an agency and cut out the middle man by throwing money directly into the Money Toilet.


“No social posts, no media plan, just a waste of money,” states the spokesguy.

The spot directs people to a website, where they can buy the mini version of the Money Toilet. The site states: “according to research, 80% of marketers waste millions of dollars making terrible Super Bowl commercials that people forget instantly.”

While the last Money Toilet ad ran regionally during the Super Bowl, Mojo Supermarket decided to put its money into making the mini toilets and selling them on the site. The spot will be posted on social channels, directing them to the website.

The spot is tagged “Piss it Away, the Easier Way” while the website is really a promo for Mojo Supermarket’s services for those who don’t like to waste money. But the mini toilet is actually for sale.

The warning on the purchase page for the Money Toilet Mini.