Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Life insurance company Modern Woodmen is getting its first campaign in over 140 years. The brand was founded in 1883 around the fraternal pioneering spirit, and the new “Campfire Stories” campaign from agency Cronin honors the pioneers of today: mothers. Cronin utilized the contrast of modern culture and old-school and pioneer values to inform the hero spot. Directed by O Positive’s Brian Billow, it features characters Pioneer and Cookie telling the campfire tale of a busy, hard-working mom.

-According to Adobe Analytics, a record $9.8 billion was spent on Black Friday—a bellwether for holiday sales—which is up 7.5% in the U.S. year-over-year.


-The latest strides in shoppable TV promote consumers browsing and buying through their remote controls.

-With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, consumers can now hone their purchasing power on the holidays, and Adweek has collected the best of this year’s holiday ads.

-Adweek’s latest magazine cover features basketball star Angel Reese, who is among the top female NIL earners in the U.S.

-This season, give thanks to the creatives, who are the visionaries, innovators and problem solvers and craft the compelling stories of our industry, writes Tom Denari, president and CEO of Young & Laramore.

-During Adweek’s NexTech event, Puma shared how its bullish Web3 initiatives dispelled common crypto critiques.