Chime Brings its Dollars & Sense Game to Walgreens in Time for the Holidays

By Kyle O'Brien 

People don’t generally like talking about their personal finances with family, but those conversations might be better than trying to talk politics or religion around the dinner table this holiday season, and mobile banking app Chime has a game that makes it easier for everyone.

Chime teamed up with games and media company on the expanded launch of Dollars & Sense, a board game that is designed to get people talking about their finances in a fun way, rather than keeping it a taboo topic. The game is now available at select Walgreens in time for the holidays.

Dollars & Sense from Chime is available at over 1,000 Walgreens stores.


A recent survey conducted by Chime found that over half those surveyed feel anxious, overwhelmed and awkward when discussing finances, and nearly 70% of the respondents avoid being the ones to bring up money with family and friends, mostly in fear of stirring the pot.

Dollars & Sense helps people start those financial conversations, because Chime believes that when people talk about money together, they win together. But the game isn’t about traditional financial literacy. Instead, Dollars & Sense helps people ask questions that reveal ideas and money beliefs you have about shopping, saving, tipping, sharing, wasting and hoarding.

“We originally launched Dollars & Sense this past summer through a social campaign to get Americans over the taboo of talking about money. To our surprise, within days of launch, more than 160,000 people signed up to get their copy of the game,” said Vineet Mehra, Chime’s CMO in a statement.

Paying it forward

When people buy Dollars & Sense at over 1,000 Walgreens stores, all Chime proceeds will be donated to The Hustler’s Guild, a non-profit on a mission to support and develop students who are affected by poverty to create and sustain financial health through innovative, engaging educational and workforce development programs.

“We are selling the game in one of the country’s biggest retailers, Walgreens, this holiday season with 100% of Chime’s proceeds being donated to The Hustler’s Guild. This game and its growth story speak to the importance and resonance of Chime’s commitment to supporting our members and everyday Americans on their journey of financial progress,” said Mehra.

This collaboration is part of Chime’s “Chime in for Changemakers” program aimed to empower people working directly in local communities make a greater impact.

“The partnership just made sense. Not only are we a media company that creates viral content online but we also create top selling games like Truth or Drink to bring the content from online into consumers’ homes. Our content is based in real conversations with real people so when Chime came to us with the idea and desire to create a game that was rooted in real conversation around finances for families, we knew we had to be a part of it,” said Abigale Smith, vp of strategic partnerships at in a statement.

Dollars & Sense question prompts were crafted by Chime’s internal creative team led by Renaldo Chapman, the vice president of brand marketing at Chime. The Chime marketing team utilized data and research to create thought-provoking questions that open up money conversations. Chime’s internal creative team also spearheaded the game’s look and feel in terms of packaging and Walgreens in-store displays.

Chime’s integrated marketing team is planning upcoming social media content, influencer partnerships, blog posts, AR filters, podcaster partnerships and broadcast media integrations to support the launch of the game. The retail launch has been led by James Bradicich, senior manager of integrated marketing strategy at Chime.

For those who want the game but don’t live near one of the select Walgreens, Dollars & Sense will also be available to purchase later this month through Chime’s new Instagram Shop and TikTok Shop, as well as through Uncommon Goods and Amazon in December.

Chime recently named AKQA its integrated marketing agency.