Brand Genius

A World That Hates Airlines Doesn’t Hate Delta, Thanks in Part to This Marketer

Adweek’s 2015 Brand Genius winner for travel

In recent years, airlines have become a staple on those lists of things Americans love to hate. Search for any airline on Twitter and you are guaranteed to find the…

Arianna Huffington Will Receive Adweek's 2015 Brand Visionary Award

Every Mother Counts is this year's Brand Save honoree

Adweek is pleased to announce Arianna Huffington as the winner of the magazine's annual Brand Genius Brand Visionary award. The honor, a celebration of Huffington's career as the chair, president and…

Brand Genius 2015 Call for Submissions

Adweek is accepting nominations for marketing's top honor

For over 25 years, Adweek's Brand Genius Awards have saluted best and brightest minds in marketing—but we need your help in finding them. Do you know a fearless marketer who…

Brand Genius 2014 Call for Submissions

Adweek is accepting nominations for marketing's top honor

For a quarter of a century, Adweek's Brand Genius Awards have recognized the sharpest marketing minds in the business—but we need your help in finding them. Do you know a…

Geniuses Brand and Grand [Video]

At the 2013 Brand Genius Awards, features editor Michael Bürgi meets seven of marketing's finest

At New York's Capitale, Dove's Grand Brand Genius Fernando Machado, Activision's Tim Ellis, Southern Comfort's Mark Bacon, Samsung's Todd Pendleton, Beats by Dre's Omar Johnson and the Warby Parker duo…

Dove Marketing Execs Win Adweek Honor

Steve Miles and Fernando Machado named Grand Brand Genius for viral 'Real Beauty Sketches'

Steve Miles and Fernando Machado, the marketing executives behind one of the most successful viral videos of the past year—and ever, for that matter—snapped up the honor of Adweek’s Grand…

Why VW? Brand Genius Kevin Mayer, That's Why [Video]

VW's vp of marketing talks cars and campaigns with Adweek editorial director Jim Cooper

Brand Genius and Volkswagen vp of marketing Kevin Mayer kindly dropped by the Adweek offices recently to talk to editorial director Jim Cooper about the secrets of a winning campaign.

The Type of Second-Screen Apps That Keep Users Engaged the Most

How advertisers can best leverage them

These days, advertisers have to plan their TV strategies with second-screen viewing in mind. But not all co-viewing behavior is the same. A series of studies by Time Warner Medialab…

What Makes a Brand Genius?

A brief history of how our tent-pole event was born

True story: When we relaunched Adweek three years ago, we also set out to recast our events. First up was Marketer of the Year, which had stood the test of…

Next Week's Headlines Ahead of Adweek's Brand Genius Issue [Video]

Crowdfunding, brilliant marketing and more from Jim Cooper and the team

Lucia Moses wonders what will be the outcome of the big divorce at Time, Emma Bazilian takes a look at why big brands are chasing crowdfunding, Robert Klara reveals this…