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Adweek's Busiest Advertising Week Ever: Brand Genius, the Clio Awards, and a New Honor for Cause Marketing (RED) is first Brand Save honoree

Advertising Week kicks off in New York today, as does one of the most ambitious weeks in Adweek’s history. Along with the jam-packed agenda of the annual industry gathering—the panels,…

September 28 11:08PM

Dana White Has Built the UFC Into the Largest Pay-Per-View Event on the Planet 2014 Brand Genius winner for sports

Asked what it’s like to run the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the ruling franchise of the mixed martial arts world, Dana White doesn’t mince words. “This job is insanity,” he says.…

September 28 11:04PM

How Shane Smith Built Vice Into a $2.5 Billion Empire 2014 Brand Genius winner for media

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about Vice’s humble beginnings. It’s 1994 in Montreal, and three guys—Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes and Suroosh Alvi—decide to launch a free punk magazine called…

September 28 11:04PM

David Melançon's Splash of Color for Benjamin Moore 2014 Brand Genius winner for home

How to put a fresh spin on a reliable, well-regarded staple on hardware store shelves for the past 131 years? To hear David Melançon tell it, the biggest challenge he…

September 28 11:04PM

Quinn Kilbury Serves Up a Newcastle Revolution 2014 Brand Genius winner for beverages

Actress Anna Kendrick was 28 years old, beautiful, and pissed. “I’ll just give you an endorsement right now,” she huffs. “Hi, um, Newcastle Brown Ale—the only beer that promised me…

September 28 11:04PM

For Nationwide's Matthew Jauchius, Marketing Is the Best Policy 2014 Brand Genius winner for financial services

Promoting insurance services has traditionally relied on earnest pitchmen or scenes of car trips gone awry. But exotic birds? Nationwide’s spots in the recent past featured scenes like a guy sitting…

September 28 11:04PM

Trudy Hardy Drives BMW to Olympics Glory 2014 Brand Genius winner for automotive

The U.S. bobsled team took home one silver and three bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. And BMW scored marketing gold. Lots of brands ink sponsorship deals…

September 28 11:03PM

Cheerios' Camille Gibson Champions Diversity 2014 Brand Genius winner for CPG/food

It’s not that Camille Gibson thinks people get sentimental about their breakfast cereal exactly—though she’s not averse to tugging at a few heartstrings to market Cheerios, one of the most…

September 28 11:03PM

Canon's Michelle Fernandez Finds Hollywood's Future Talent 2014 Brand Genius winner for electronics

Last October, five relatively unknown filmmakers from around the country found themselves at a place they had probably only dreamed about—on the red carpet at New York’s Lincoln Center, sipping…

September 28 11:03PM

Mark Crumpacker's Farm-Friendly Pitch for Chipotle 2014 Brand Genius winner for restaurants

For the average YouTube viewer, Chipotle’s computer-animated “Back to the Start” video from 2011, portraying a family farmer fighting back against industrial agriculture’s machine-made mystery food, was two minutes of…

September 28 11:02PM

GoPro's Paul Crandell Turns Us All Into Thrill Seekers 2014 Brand Genius winner for tech

Before GoPro became a household name, the idea of a human being playing with wild African lions as if they were the cuddly Marmadukes of the desert would have probably…

September 28 10:59PM

Bono Is a Superbrand Who Makes the World a Better Place U2 frontman is our 2014 Brand Visionary

All the world is Bono's stage. As frontman of U2, he is among the most successful rock musicians in history. As a businessman, he's been party to lucrative investments in fashionable…

September 28 10:56PM

(RED) Makes Real Change in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS Winner of inaugural Brand Save award for best in cause marketing

To underscore the importance of cause marketing, Adweek has launched Brand Save, our first endeavor dedicated to the common good. Part of the Brand Genius franchise, Brand Save will highlight…

September 28 10:51PM

Adweek Toasts the Top Talent in Marketing Presenting the 25th annual Brand Genius Awards

Over the two-plus decades that Adweek has bestowed its Brand Genius Awards, building a successful brand has changed a lot. And not at all. Sure, the 10 master marketers in our…

September 28 10:50PM

  • Mika Brzezinski Host

  • Paul Crandell
    VP of Marketing, GoPro

  • Mark Crumpacker
    Chief Marketing & Development OfficeR, Chipotle

  • Michelle N. Fernandez
    Director, ITCG Camera & Video Marketing, Canon USA, Inc

  • Camille M. Gibson
    VP of Marketing, Business Unit Director, General Mills, Inc.

  • Trudy Hardy
    VP, Marketing, BMW of North America, LLC

  • Matt Jauchius
    EVP, CMO, Nationwide

  • Quinn Kilbury
    Brand Director, Newcastle Brown Ale

  • David Melançon
    Former EVP, CMO, Benjamin Moore & Co.

  • Shane Smith
    CEO and Founder, VICE

  • Dana White
    President, UFC

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