TV’s Strong Halo Effect Will Enhance Digital Campaign Performance

TV’s Strong Halo Effect Will Enhance Digital Campaign Performance

Research shows TV is within reach for emerging advertisers, and it should be part of the media buy

Many brands and media buyers think TV is beyond their reach, so they turn to digital channels to build out their performance programs. But the truth is that the data-informed strategies they’re using on digital are now possible with TV. Not only that, but TV has a strong halo effect, improving the performance of digital channels and enhancing their growth strategies.


Extensive research from Effectv (a Comcast company) and its partners has identified and measured the impact TV has on other advertising channels. Our new guide—“TV’s Halo EffectAmplifying Advertising’s Digital and Business Impact”—aggregates the findings of this series of reports into actionable takeaways you can use to maximize your campaign performance.

Key insights include:

  • TV can drive digital performance. Analysis conducted by Effectv and TVSquared found that the right kind of TV ad placement and frequency can increase website visits by as much as 127%.
  • TV is a growth engine for emerging brands. Social media isn’t the only option. Brands three years or younger saw a 23% increase in web traffic within the first month of launching a TV campaign.
  • Digital and TV work better together. MediaScience research discovered a 12% lift in brand attitude when a digital ad was preceded by a TV ad.