The Retail Media Revolution

The Retail Media Revolution

Implications And Insights For Retailers, Consumers, Brands And Tech Players

The proliferation of retail media networks is nothing short of a revolution. Since Amazon created its retail media network a decade ago, merchants from Family Dollar and Michaels to Nordstrom and Ulta Beauty have sought to capitalize on the opportunity. But as they compete for a bigger share of advertisers’ budgets, two key questions remain: Why all the fuss now? And is this just another marketing fad? 

In “The Retail Media Revolution” report, Adweek looks at the four groups most impacted by retail media: retailers, consumers, brands and agencies, and tech platforms. Key takeaways include:

  • Advertisers will eventually expect metrics, benchmarks and returns.
  • Retailers need to better distinguish their value propositions.
  • Retail Media 3.0 is on the horizon.

Find out how retail media has shifted roles, how it will evolve and the challenges to come. Download the report today.