The Most Critical Consumer Trends for 2024

The Most Critical Consumer Trends for 2024

The cultural touchpoints that brands can focus on

Here are some things to know about consumers in 2024: 63% have a negative outlook about the state of the world, but Gen Z is a good deal more optimistic than older generations. Among advertising platforms, TV (43%) and social media ads (41%) rank highest as purchase influencers. And when it comes to consumer loyalty, the experience someone has with a brand (61%) is by far the top perception driver.

These findings come from a new ominibus study from DISQO, “Consumer Trends 2024.” Based on a survey of more than 3,000 U.S. consumers, the report looks at a range of topics that influence how people behave and identifies the trends that matter to brands.

Key findings include:

  • Financial optimism: 37% of consumers said they expect their financial situation to be better in 2024 than it was in 2023.
  • Social shopping influence: 43% of Gen Z said TikTok influences their purchases, compared to 21% of millennials and just 9% of Gen X.
  • Strong CX: What impacts a consumer’s view of a brand? Two thirds (67%) said value for the money spent, followed by quality (63%).

Find out more about what’s important to consumers in 2024. Download the report.

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